radial shockwave therapie
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enPuls Version 2.0—a device from Zimmer MedizinSysteme for radial shockwave therapy.

A projectile accelerated in the handpiece generates a mechanical pressure wave, which is transferred to the human body by an applicator head and which radiates out in the tissue.

The mechanical energy is absorbed by the tissue and decreases as the distance from the application site increases. The mechanical stress triggers reactions in the tissue that have a positive influence on a wide range of orthopedic and neurological conditions

The method is used by therapists all over the world with great success. With the enPuls Version 2.0, Zimmer MedizinSysteme now offers a system that bundles all the advantages of the application in a compact form with the lowest downstream and operating costs that is easy to operate and apply with maximum flexibility and mobility.

The following pages have background information, more details on the treatment type and specific features of the device and its application.


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